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How to Prep for Adventure Treks: The Basics

Unlike a typical camping vacation in an RV with all the amenities, adventure trekking requires thorough planning and preparation. It is even more important if you are a beginner. A hiking trip like this can be very dangerous and being ill-prepared will only increase your chances for something to go wrong. This isn’t any ordinary… Continue reading »

Top 5 Exotic Vacation Spots

Top 5 Exotic Vacation Spots

Exotic vacations are the type of thing most people do once in a lifetime such as visiting the Great Pyramids of Egypt or jungles of the Amazon. Some exotic vacation destinations are not difficult to reach and getting there is half the fun. Here are five of the top exotic vacation spots. Thailand Thailand is… Continue reading »

7 Unique Vacation Spots

Vacations are generally chosen based on the reputation of the location, recommendations from friends and loved ones as well as past great experiences at the location. These places tend to become somewhat boring and less vacation feeling over time; when this happens, it is important to find a unique getaway spot that will allow for… Continue reading »