Top 5 Exotic Vacation Spots

By   February 1, 2014

Exotic vacations are the type of thing most people do once in a lifetime such as visiting the Great Pyramids of Egypt or jungles of the Amazon. Some exotic vacation destinations are not difficult to reach and getting there is half the fun. Here are five of the top exotic vacation spots.


Thailand is one of the most famous beach destinations with its gorgeous beaches on the coastal south that have tall cliffs and tiny islands. There are loads of watersports, and a nightlife that never sleeps. It has a variety of hotels with the best rates for budget backpacker as well as luxury hotels and a wide range in between. What makes Thailand so exotic is its rare blend of the modern and ancient along with a vibrant culture, fantastic food and beautiful natural scenery.

In the north are Chiang Mai and Isaan with beautiful mountain scenery, magnificent Khmer monuments, backcountry trails and the Golden Triangle to explore. There are also luxury hotels with famous, back-to-nature spas.

Western Australia


The Kimberley is one of the last remaining true wilderness areas in the world. It is a huge expanse that has some spectacular natural scenery. Some may wonder why go to such a deserted place. For those looking for a rugged vacation, the Gibb River Road is 650 km and travels through some spectacular gorges with waterfalls and swimming holes. There are a few hotels along the way in this remote area that are off the road, but the scenery and sense of solitude is great. The trip takes from three to five days, and travelers can pitch a tent on the side of the road if they are not on private property, which is clearly marked.

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One of the top things to remember is that this trip needs to be well planned and also requires a 4WD car. Travelers should bring extra food and water. There are occasionally fresh water crocodiles in some of the pools, but the locals will help visitors find the safe places to swim. With the right care and preparation, it offers the experience of a lifetime. There are three fuel supplies along the road and one store.

South Africa

Located on the southern tip of Africa, it is considered the gateway to many of the exotic things Africa has to offer. Visitors can begin by visiting Cape Town and seeing all the historical and natural sights including Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope. There is a famous coastal drive called the Garden Route between Mossel Bay and Port Elizabeth. The real exotic trip begins when visitors reach the Limpopo Province in the north. This is the starting point to the Kruger National Park and Zimbabwe.

The province has greatly contrasting landscapes with steep valleys and majestic mountains. There are private reserves as well as the national park for visitors to encounter a huge number of wildlife species, and it’s a great place for photos. There are 4WD car safaris, bush hotels with the best rates and luxury accommodation for easy living throughout the province.


The Maldives is a small, island country in the Indian Ocean. It is famous for spectacular underwater scenery and a meeting place for whale sharks. It is made up of 1,192 coral islands, 200 of which are inhabited. The resorts are on separate atolls and provide a beach destination that is unmatched anywhere. The resorts offer excellent deals throughout the year, so the secluded experience may be affordable for many.

Each resort will meet guests at the international airport and transport them by speedboat to their retreat, so getting there isn’t a problem. There is catamaran sailing, night fishing, spa treatments, windsurfing and of course snorkeling and scuba diving. In some cases, visitors can eat in an underwater restaurant or have their spa treatments in an underwater salon. For seafood lovers, there’s nothing like it.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Built in 1430 as a hideaway, the full purpose of Machu Picchu is still not known. It was never discovered by the invading Spanish, so it was not destroyed, and it was abandoned by the Inca in the 1500s. These are two reasons it is so well preserved. Often called the Lost City of the Inca, visitors say the whole region of Peru surrounding the site has a strong, positive atmosphere, and the site is an important cultural place and still considered sacred. It can be reached by trekking along mountain trails with a guide or by train from Cuzco or Ollantaytambo. There is also adventure tourism offered in the area such as river rafting, mountain biking, and zip lining.

Some of the top things to see are the Sun Gate, the Temple of the Sun near the summit of the city, the Intihuatana stone sun dial, the temple of the Three Windows, the main temple and the Temple of the Condor.


The world is full of fascinating and exotic places that are usually seen in books, so why go? Travelers can get good deals for living accommodation and transportation to experience first-hand some of the natural beauty and historical significance that still exists today. Even if getting there is a challenge, it’s worth the effort to have some personal photos of the site. Thailand, Western Australia, South Africa, Maldives and Peru offer some of the most exotic travel destinations in the world.

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Top 5 Exotic Vacation Spots
The world is full of fascinating and exotic places that are usually seen in books, so why go?

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