Popular Adventure Trek Destinations in USA

By   April 1, 2014

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The United States is a diverse land filled with numerous exciting adventure trek destinations. The views and challenges range from the easily explored beauty of the east coast mountain ranges to hiking through the awe inspiring vistas of the southwest terrain. Here is what we believe to be the most popular US trekking destinations


Known as Hawaii’s “Garden Isle,” Kauai is an adventurer’s paradise with snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and surfing. There are numerous tropical areas to explore such as Hanalei Bay with its white sandy beaches surrounded by mountains. Kayaking is a wonderful way to experience Na Pali’s sea cliffs, while on the west side of the island you can hike the ridges of Waimea Canyon which is also a great place to camp. If camping isn’t your thing, you’ll find many nice private hotels across the islands.


Hiking the notorious Appalachian Trail will give you a unique opportunity to see spectacular Northeastern vistas and famous peaks like Mount Washington. Expeditions begin in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Review trail maps for ideas on where to hike. By following the Appalachian Trail you’ll discover the most picturesque scenery in this area. Along with the chance to observe Alpine vegetation, see sweeping vistas, and witness amazing sunrises, you’ll be undertaking challenges that test even the seasoned outdoor explorer.

Arches and Canyon lands

Expeditions in Colorado Plateau’s high desert offer amazing views of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. You’ll see spectacular sites such as the Needles, Delicate Arch, and Devil’s Garden. During these expeditions through the colorful region, one will see overlooks of the red canyons along the Colorado River, huge sandstone arches, and displays of Native American art on rock walls. A Southwest American adventure will leave those of all ages in awe of nature’s ability to shape our surroundings.

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park has many hiking opportunities available. One can hike the Navajo Loop, slot canyons, and Fairyland Trails during the day and stay in a deluxe hotel or private camp by night. Adventurers will see the brilliant orange, red, and white terrain from panoramic viewing points. The versatility of the region makes this the perfect trek for everyone from the beginner to the experienced hiker.

Death Valley

The back country of Death Valley is perfect for the active traveler. Here men and women can explore the narrow canyons that wind through limestone and marble like a labyrinth. Bighorn sheep can be found grazing the hidden oasis, while the old mining trails take visitors up to the desert summits. One can camp at the base of Funeral Mountain and easily trek to Badwater, Mosaic Canyon, and Devil’s Golf Course by day. Review recommended tips for having a safe and fun time in this region before visiting.

Zion Canyon

Hiking Zion Canyon allows the entire family to enjoy an outdoor trek together. Those of any age will enjoy the foot trails that are easily hiked. Families as well as experienced hikers find the area quite enjoyable. It’s a great way to introduce children to natural wonders such as Kodachrome Basin, slot canyons, and the Virgin River Narrows. Zion Canyon can be combined with a Bryce Canyon trek for a full southwestern adventure.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the all American vacation destination. The views are breathtaking, and its beauty draws everyone in. Men and women of all ages can appreciate a trip to this region easily. Those who aren’t very athletic can find many overlooks and easily assessable paths to enjoy, but it is also a dream of adventurers around the world. The canyon offers challenges for all skill levels. An excellent way to experience the area is by taking a journey into the canyon with a stop at Havaso Falls. The water cascades down hundreds of feet into an azure pool. Visitors can explore, camp, swim, or just relax here while taking in the beauty of their surroundings.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe offers adventurers a way to explore the Sierras in many unique ways along with traditional hiking. One such way is paddle boarding where one can be captivated by Lake Tahoe’s clear blue water and spectacular vistas by standing on an oversized “surf” board and use an oar to move about. On this trip you will discover peaceful coves, sandy beaches, and gigantic boulders. Hike the Pacific Crest for an amazing bird’s eye look at the lake and surrounding areas. Take advantage of the many water sports available while visiting. At the end of the day the shores of nearby Donner Lake make ideal places to camp.

Mt. Whitney

A summit hike up Mt. Whitney is an adventure of a life time for anyone. It’s the highest peak found in the lower 48 states. The terrain is incredibly rocky in spots. This adds to the challenge, while providing views you won’t find in many other areas of the United States. You can take advantage of pack animals to make the trek easier. It is also recommended to make stops along your rise in altitude to let your body become accustomed to the thinner air. This actually gives you an even better opportunity to explore the area. You and your friends are rewarded for taking this adventure with stunning views of soaring peaks, alpine lakes, and sprawling meadows.


Have fun trekking, but before you go check out our post on prepping for the Trek from last month. When you’re prepared, these treks are awesome.

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Popular Adventure Trek Destinations in USA
Here is what we believe to be the most popular US trekking destinations

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  1. Andrew Dotty

    Al – No. Each one of these exciting destinations offers expeditions for all levels of skill and ability. Families with young children or those who are not used to hiking can take easier paths while the more adventurous can tackle the more challenging routes and activities.

  2. Andrew Dotty

    Brian – They most certainly can be if you are comfortable with mapping out and navigating your way around. Those who are new to any one of these areas can find many guided treks to participate in. Using a guided tour is a great way to get a feel for an area and learn what the highlights are.

  3. Andrew Dotty

    Any trek in a wilderness area can pose certain dangers, but planning ahead, reading about the area first, and coming prepared with the proper gear will help assure you that your experience will be rewarding and safe.

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