7 Unique Vacation Spots

By   December 2, 2013

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Vacations are generally chosen based on the reputation of the location, recommendations from friends and loved ones as well as past great experiences at the location. These places tend to become somewhat boring and less vacation feeling over time; when this happens, it is important to find a unique getaway spot that will allow for a good time with an unusual experience. The following is a list compiled of places that are both exciting and unique while still appealing to a wide variety of people.

1. Honduras
This little known getaway has plenty to offer with authentic cultures, pristine beaches and even exceptional activities such as deep sea shark dives. Although not as popular as some of the other countries in the area, Honduras is a Caribbean getaway that will leave its visitors feeling refreshed, revived and with a sense of an excellent holiday. Resorts in Honduras appeal to different tastes ranging from luxury vacationers to people that are looking for an authentic experience in a different country. The country has beaches, big city atmospheres and lush, green jungles.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland
Vacationers that are looking for a great family experience may be inclined to head across the pond to the European countries. Scotland is an excellent option for families, couples and even single vacationers with top entertainment, prime cuisine and an authentic European atmosphere. When traveling to Scotland, Edinburgh is a premier destination due to the wide variety of activities that anyone can participate in. From stone beaches, to charming small towns and aves all the way to the popular haunted Edinburgh castle that provides entertainment and thrills for people of all ages.

3. Yellowstone National Park
For travelers that are looking for a more domestic location for their getaway spot, Yellowstone National Park allows them the opportunity to explore the wilderness in a comfortable atmosphere that is still within the United States. The location also has exciting options outside of the park with places to eat, convenient stores and charming locales that are available right outside of the wilderness environment. There are plenty of things for everyone do to, even people that are not nature lovers. Yellowstone National Park is a unique vacation spot in that it allows visitors the opportunity to vacation within the United States at an affordable price.

4. Florida Keys
It is often unsurprising to see the Florida Keys on a top getaway list, but some major visitor points of the Keys are often overlooked. Places like Jules’ Undersea Lodge make this popular locale a prime spot for vacationers that are looking for something a little different from the normal vacation. This lodge, located in just outside of the area, is built entirely underwater and allows visitors the opportunity to sleep under the sea. It boasts excellent entertainment and variety for travelers. Many visitors are pleased with the fact that they ate all of their top notch meals while under the sea. Along with exceptional under sea lodges, the Florida Keys also offer opportunities for vacationers to experience a Caribbean like atmosphere without ever having to leave the United States.

5. Salem, Oregon
Most people do not consider Oregon as one of their favorite getaway spots; many people do not even consider it as a possible destination when choosing where to travel. Salem, Oregon offers many different things for vacationers to do while visiting. It has many different places to eat, is an extremely family friendly location with offering such as the C. Gilbert Discovery Village and the Antique Powerland. While California may be the number one west coast destination, Salem has nearly just as much to offer with more affordable prices and exceptionally unique experiences for people of all ages.

6. Galapagos Islands
Galapagos turtles are not the only unique feature that exist in these ethereal islands. This affordable destination is a perfect option that offers everything from beach cabana atmospheres to luxury resorts. These islands have charming small towns with aves to walk along, beachfront luxury that feels much more expensive than what it truly is and exciting experiences for vacationers of every age to enjoy. From deep sea dives with the turtles to romantic nights out in the local towns that offer many different types of exotic cuisine, visitors will never have a dull moment while on these beautiful, beach filled islands. The Galapagos Islands are also a national park that will give visitors many different, exotic experiences.

7. Nairobi, Kenya
One of the top concerns about visiting an African country is finding various cuisine options that are suitable to different tastes, but most visitors have no complaints and actually report that they ate like kings while visiting Kenya. This country has many different things for visitors to do including safaris, authentic cultural experiences such as the Karen Blixen Museum and even a The Giraffe Manor Hotel that allows guests to feed the local giraffes from the windows in their guest rooms. Nairobi is the safest, most convenient and modern city that allows visitors an exceptional experience while staying within the country of Kenya.

A unique getaway can be anything from an unusual domestic spot to a luxury filled, unexpectedly affordable trip to the lush Caribbean islands. The various destinations that are listed within this article allow future visitors a taste of what they can experience while taking a getaway trip to everywhere from Kenya to a more mild Oregon experience.

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7 Unique Vacation Spots
A unique getaway can be anything from an unusual domestic spot to a luxury filled, unexpectedly affordable trip to the lush Caribbean islands.

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